Youth Ministry

Billy and Crystal Aguillard

New Day Youth Ministry is comprised of children from many different areas, communities, backgrounds, and cultures. They are from both middle school and high school. We have an incredible youth program for any age.

As parents, we all know peer pressure is a problem today. Have you ever asked yourself how peer pressure affects my child or the youth of today? With all the advanced technology and social media, we now have, peer pressure is rampant.
In our youth program, our goal is to help young people feel connected to others in a positive and fun way. We give them a strong support system to teach them self-reliance and the ability to work and play well with others. We want them to learn that everyone is different and should be loved for who they are.
New Day is an amazing church for you and all members of your family. You will be able to connect with people that love one another and are always there in a time of need. Everyone needs a church and a great youth group to help mold our children with God in their life starting at an early age.