Why Not Be Exceptional

Having a desire to be an exceptional person is a righteous pursuit of those who seek to excel in God’s Kingdom work.  Daniel and his three companions were such men who refuse to be confined to the natural wisdom of their day;  they determined not to defile themselves by eating of the nourishment’s of the establishment’s of their time , but rather to keep themselves pure by eating only the things that made them healthy in mind, sanctified in spirit and stable in; which in return prepared them to be able to move in the supernatural without distractions.  

We are also offered to eat of the false nourishing wisdom of our own society.  If we look closely at then and now, we will see that not much has changed.  Daniel faced the same challenges that we face today, which is to out from among those principalities and power and be seperatly holy and consecrated to God only.  The word of God tells us in Romans 12:1, to “Present our bodies as a living sacrifice; holy, acceptable to God, a reasonable service.”  Exceptionalism and Excellence in God is needed today more than ever before, because the BODY OF CHRIST is under the greatest attack ever seen.  Which means that we must counter this attack by trusting in the greater is He that is within us than He who rules the world.  

In order to be the soldiers of Jesus Christ that we are meant to be, we need to be fully equipped with the whole ARMOR OF GOD  and every weapon formed will prosper.  Our proclaiming of His word needs to be more intense and accepted as the final word.  Our assembling together should be centered around giving thanks to God for His son, JESUS, who has given us the victory in every circumstances in this life. Please allow these last few words to motivate you to live a life of excellence which will please the Lord of whom we serve with JOY!