Alcohol and Drug Addiction

God’s Deliverance

John Wisman

I was brought up in a loving family but had addiction problems starting at an early age. After my mother and sister died, my life spiraled down rapidly. I felt I had lost everything in life and was sent to prison on several occasions.



I went through several rehabilitation programs and was able to end my addictions to drugs but continued to drink alcohol.  After each rehab program, I would eventually start back down the wrong path.


My wife was already a member of New Day Christian Centre and always asked me to join her at services. In my heart, I knew I should be there by her side and even though I had previously given my life to the Lord, I had other things on my mind.


During my last visit to a Biblically based rehab program, I was so down and wondered how I had traveled down this path once more.  I had a new baby girl and thought I would lose everything again. My wife and child were paying a huge price for my selfish ways.


After being there for awhile, I noticed other guys with the same problems but there was now something different about them. They had a more positive outlook and were full of the Lord. There was a radiance about them, and I could see the light of the Lord shining through. I wanted to be like these guys.


After about two and a half months, new guys began coming into the program, and I realized that same light was now shining through me. The realization of that touched my heart. God had spoken to me, and I knew that if I continued to allow his light to shine through me, I would not follow the wrong path again.


New Day has become a way of life for me. It gives me strength and hope to carry out my life as God intended. New Day Christian Centre is the light that shines for me and has helped turn my life around. All the glory is given to the Lord, my savior.