Pray for Police

Dear God,

Today I am on my knees before you asking that you give our brave brothers and sisters in blue the courage and wisdom to carry on with poise and grace in this trying and sad time in our nation.cross

Let them be true to their calling of protecting all people who need their help regardless of any differences that may exist.

Give them the fortitude to make all decisions with care and clarity.

Wrap your arms around their shoulders and cloak them with your love and protection.

Let their hearts feel the love, admiration, and respect we feel for them and their families.

Let their ears have the keen ability to hear what is right and just at all times.

Let their eyes see the true meaning of love in their every action and let their daily encounters be handled safely.

Our men and women in blue tread where we would never tread. They have seen unspeakable tragedies daily. They have done all this for us, Almighty God. So now with your infinite wisdom and love, I am asking you to watch over all Law Enforcement Officers at all times.

Grant them the strength to carry out their dangerous duties with courage and faithfulness.

Most of all, Dear God, I pray that you give them safe passage home to their families each and every night.

Pastor Herman B. Holland