The Philippine Missionary

Crestina Bourg


I was eighteen years old when I first met five missionaries from the United States. It was very exciting to meet these missionaries and to learn all about missionary work. We had no idea about all the wonderful work and teachings they would bring to the Philippine Islands.

My father was a Pastor, and along with my four brothers, we grew up in church. After meeting the missionaries and learning more than ever before, I felt a new calling from God. I wanted to spread the word of God and the joy of knowing him to everyone in my country. I wanted their lives to change and to be able to watch the amazing transformation as they allowed Jesus Christ in their hearts.

It was through Ferlin Bourg that I met Pastor Herman Holland and Sister Deborah Holland of New Day Christian Centre. What a blessing they have been to my people and me.

Pastor Holland travels to the Philippines each year and brings the words of our Lord to thousands of my people. They eagerly await his arrival each year. On one trip, he built a Tabernacle for the missionaries along with several people from New Day. Through the efforts of Pastor Holland and the people of New Day, the missionaries have now established eleven churches that have their individual pastors.

At this time, the number of people attending services has outgrown the space that we have. We desperately need financial assistance to expand our churches, purchase other equipment for our services, as well as, support for the missionaries and their families.

New Day Christian Centre invites you to join in our efforts to support this dynamic mission work in the Philippines. We are praying for the continued outpouring of God’s power in providing financial assistance to spread the gospel to all of our people.

Funds donated to New Day are sent directly to the missionaries in the Philippines without any administrative costs. One hundred percent of every dollar is donated to the mission field.

I pray you will help us spread the word of God through your generous donation.