Department of Performing Arts

Performing Arts Direction

Deborah Holland

Our performing arts program is my heart and soul. Liturgical and tambourine dancing can truly reflect the essence of worshiping and glorifying God.  

As an outreach program, we have an incredible Christmas play each year that runs for three days. We usually start practicing for this event starting in July. People from around the state attend and come back each year to enjoy the talents of New Day Christian Centre. The main purpose of this play is to bring Christ into the hearts of others that may not otherwise have a relationship with God. If you have not attended one of our Christmas plays, I am inviting you to join us this year.

Additionally, this year we are having a program on Palm Sunday re-enacting the last supper. On Easter Sunday, there will be a production of Christ going through the stations of the cross and what he experienced along with his mother, Mary.

Join us at New Day and let our voices reach heaven with love and adoration for Christ our Lord.