Minister of Music

Director of Performing Arts ~ Pastor Deborah Holland


Born February 11, 1950, Deborah Holland was destined to be the incredible singer she is today.  She started singing in her debrah-96father’s church at the age of three. Her father, being the National Director of the Church of God out of Cleveland, Tennessee, gave her the opportunity to perform all over the United States and Europe. Additionally, Deborah traveled to the Holy Land and sang in a choir in Israel.


Deborah studied one year at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, then transferred to Lee University to study music and sang with the Lee Singers. From there she completed an associate and a bachelor degree from International College of Bible Theology.


As the Minister of Music and Director of Performing Arts at New Day, she beautifully leads the choir in joyful praise to the Lord for each service. One of her greatest accomplishment is the majestic Christmas Play that is held each year that draws visitors from all corners of the state. Throughout the year, she works with the Liturgical Dancers that express a very moving and devoted love to the Lord at many of the services. Deborah is also the Administrator of Business at New Day.


Deborah’s tireless devotion, flawless voice and efforts at New Day are felt and loved by all that know her. All of her magnificent talents, along with her husband, Pastor Holland, make each service a true and glorifying worship to our Lord.