Department of Performing Arts


“One Quiet Night”

A Dramatic Musical, 2015

In this musical production, you will meet a family preparing for Christmas. Like many of us, they are so busy trying to accomplish all of the “must do’s” for the Christmas season, that they almost lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of our Savior.  

 “One Quiet Night” – Act 1



Kelly Hollis is frantically getting ready for Christmas. There are gifts to buy and cards to address and carols to sing and bathrooms to clean all before the 25th.

 “One Quiet Night” – Act 2



Kelly is furious that her husband Mike and her children Katy, Christopher, and Caleb do not seem to be doing their part. Her panic builds to a frenzy culminating in an accident that forces Kelly to surrender her agenda and allow her heart to be transformed by the true meaning of Christmas.

“Joy to the World Closing”



We are excited that you chose to join us, online, on their journey through the holiday season as Kelly, Mike, and their three children put aside the hustle and bustle of what has become Christmas and go “Beyond the Noise” to prepare for “One Quiet Night”. We hope you will enjoy this as much as the audiences did in the live performances.


Directed by  Deborah Holland