Discovery Camp – 2015

Children’s Ministry

Tabatha Walker


Each year New Day Christian Centre travels to Discovery Camp near Houston, Texas, with our children and youth. The 2015 Discovery Camp focus was “Being an Eye Witness to God’s Goodness”.



We had thousands of children and youth attending and over three hundred said yes to Jesus for the very first time. Additionally, many renewed their commitment to Christ.


Leisure activities include water sliding, swimming, go-carts, horseback riding and an opportunity to participate in crafts.


On the second day of camp last year, New Day’s children participated in the Bible trivia contest. Not only did they know more than the other groups, but they also elaborated with additional comments about the context of the questions. Our children have been taught very well at New Day and needless to say, they won the Bible drill with flying colors.


This camp also teaches our young people about themselves. One subject matter was about life’s treasures and trash. A very sweet seven-year-old, who had self-esteem problems told me she had learned one main thing about herself. She realized that the trash in her life was all the bad things she thought about herself. She learned that she was beautiful and a treasure to God. Summer camp changed her life forever.


During prayer time in one of the worship services, one child in our group was so deeply engrossed in her prayers, that a camp leader asked her what she was talking to God about. She replied that God was so good and the biggest thing in the universe, yet he still loves and treasures me. That response spoke volumes about what goes on at New Day.


It is such a privilege and honor to take our children and youth to camp each year. They are all so well behaved and stand out immensely from all others. I am truly proud to be from New Day Christian Centre, but more than that, I am proud to be the parent of a child raised at New Day.


It is such an honor to bring the children from New Day.  They are so well behaved, they know so much about the Bible, they know how to pray, and they know how to worship. New Day children truly stood out to the leaders of the camp. I am so proud to be from New Day and to take out children, but more than that I am proud to be the parent of a child who was raised at New Day.