The Philippine Children Sponsorship Program

Ministry Leader

Rosanna Richard

Many in the Philippine Islands live in poverty. As a result, many of the children go hungry each and every day. Because New Day Christian Centre is a primary sponsor of the mission work in the Philippines, a program was developed to provide financial support for these children.



By donating only twenty dollars a month, you will be able to sponsor one child. This twenty dollars will provide food for the entire family. New Day has now supported approximately one hundred children, but the need is greater than we have been able to meet.

All monies received go directly to the children, without any administrative fees. Additionally, you will be sent information about the child you are sponsoring.



Please consider sponsoring a child today. I have traveled with the Pastor and others from New Day to the Philippines and have witnessed the poverty firsthand. You will be rewarded immensely with blessings from God. Let us cover the world with sounds from heaven.

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